Short films, essays, pop culture tributes, and photo experiments created by Kirk Gunton.

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Shot and edited with iPhone 5c

Featured Project: Toddy & Deano's Keeping It Tight Tour

In 2013, I set off on quite a journey– following Steve Todd and Anthony Dean, aka Toddy & Deano, frequent guest stars on The Discovery Channel’s hit show Fast N’ Loud, as they toured 14 states in 14 days. Visits to brew pubs, helicopter air fields, casinos, and an endless series of auto garages as their customized 1959 Pontiac Bonneville broke down in every state. Collected here in a playlist are all 9 episodes of the web series we created (total estimated run time: 32 min).

The Company, or: Weyland-Yutani Call Center [The Kirk Show]

In space, no one will take your call. Well, no one qualified, anyway.

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“Roslin and Adama” Piano Cover

From “Battlestar Galactica

Reboot! [The Kirk Show]

Kirk and Kirk are back with a Public Service Announcement for the shadowy Hollywood cabal responsible for the new “Robocop”, the new “Total Recall”, the new “Ghostbusters”, the new “Good Burger”… Hey, it could happen!

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The Kirk Show Rises!

Following the beard-shattering events of “The Staring Contest” (, the Kirks find themselves estranged. Until a mysterious phone call offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the struggling filmmakers.

My Poster Design for March VAMP Showcase

A friend of mine, based in San Diego, participates in monthly storytelling showcases presented by an organization called “So Say We All” [reportedly NOT a “BSG” reference, but I like it anyway]. As a co-producer for March’s showcase [titled “This Is Not My Story (because I wrote the story of someone else)”], she brought me on to design a poster for the event. After a period of first pitching concepts, then shooting a couple of willing models, then refining the design, this is what I arrived at