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Top 10-Fewer-Than-100 Films

Brazenly ripping off the format from Bennett Media, I’ve decided to assemble a list, AS IT CURRENTLY STANDS in the year of our Lords of Dogtown 2017, of the films swirling around the background of my young-ish brain.

Yeah, it’s not 100. For whatever reason, in assembling this collection, I realized 90 is the threshold before I felt myself stretching, inflating the personal importance of a few likable-enough DVDs on my shelf. Minority Report and Michael Clayton are cracking entertainments, but do I really think about them that often? Finding enough to reach an arbitrary centuplicate was surprisingly difficult, and a few titles were trimmed just to round it off. Just to make things even more frustrating to the listicle addicts, I haven’t ranked them in order of Greatness, but chronologically.

This approach: (1) Breaks up the visual monotony of sequels next to each other, and (2) Insinuates certain things about each films’ relationship to my life. There are several released before I was born, but you can apply my personal timeline against the release schedule and intuit what I probably grew up with, what I explored as a teenager, what I paid my own money to see in the theater. Check the list after the jump!