Short films, essays, pop culture tributes, and photo experiments created by Kirk Gunton.

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Haiku Galore

12 Monkeys

What a friggin’ gyp
Next to no actual chimps
Misleading title

Pitt has “crazy eyes”
Left one goes way off-center
Shannon Doherty…?

Bruce at all time high
First Pulp-y role, now this one?
Yippee-Ki-Yay, Bruce


Charlie Kaufman sits
Devastating writer’s block
Flower films don’t sell

Tortured inner voice
Narrates neurotic quand’ry
“Can she see me sweat?”

Fat, bald, old, genius
Finds solace in Orlean’s pic
But can’t meet with her

Brother Donald writes
A million-dollar thriller
“What’s your genre, Charles?”

American Psycho

Meet Patrick Bateman
He has many interests
Pop music, and death

Makes a killing in
Murders and Executions
Quite the job title

His music of choice:
Huey Lewis, Phil Collins
I prefer the axe

Batman Begins

See Batman begin.
See Batman trained by ninjas.
See him “borrow” suit.

See new Batmobile.
Hear it roar through Gotham’s streets.
Bad gas mileage.

What’s this? That Psycho,
Playing the Dark Knight himself?
Bale roars, “I’m Bateman.

Barton Fink

Fink’s Hollywood job
Proves a hellish journey through
The life of the mind

Barton seeks to be
The voice of the common man
But “he won’t listen!

Charlie lives next door
A friendly enough fellow
He shows Fink some moves

Broken Flowers

Aging Don Juan finds
The ticket to his past life
Printed pink and red

Donnie Darko

Twisty- turny stuff
Hope you are not confused, man
Don’t want to explain

Ooh, look, a bunny
Huh, he’s a little creepy
It’s the metal face

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Quite a long title
Not to mention hard to say
When people ask you

The source quote can be
Found in any Bartlett’s, but
Only half of it

When naming author
Make certain not to reverse
Alexander Pope

Meeting in Montauk
How many times is this now?
And how many more?

Nonlinear plot
Shows love from finish to start
And start once again


Poor, confused Lenny
Thought it was the rapist guy,
Nope, the insulin

Mulholland Drive

Not the best of Lynch,
I grant you, but lesbians
Make good film vixens

The Simpsons

The DVDs bring
The wonderful memories
Of the monorail!

The only product
That’s worth the money, the rest
Can eat my shorts, dude